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Cumberland County Black Union

Adult Programming 






2. CCBU Personal 1-on-1 Coaching Program - EMPOWERMENT 





3. CCBU Entrepreneurship Program - ECONOMICS/EMPOWERMENT










The Cumberland County Black Union's Adult Freedom School is designed to educate students on topics and ideas that are not taught in the typical school setting. These topics include, but are not limited to, Financial Literacy, African-American History, Life-Skills, & Workforce Development Skills.
The Cumberland County Black Union's Personal Coaching Program is designed to provide men and women of Our community with an opportunity to be connected to an individual who has specific skills and knowledge that they admire in an effort to assist with the preparation of their goals and career plan.  
The Cumberland County Black Union's Entrepreneurship Program matches individuals who wish to become entrepreneurs with established business owners within the Black community. Owners are paired with future entrepreneurs to share and to provide available information and resources. Assistance with business start-up services is offered as well, ie. Business Formation & Marketing.
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